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TVM Benchmark

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Below we tested MobileFaceNet(dim128) on different platforms.

Macbook r2015 2.2G@ 4 Threads 6.4ms No SIMD optimization on x86 28ms
Firefly Rk 3399@A72 * 1 69.24ms 72ms [x]
Firefly Rk 3399@Mali GPU[fp32] 70.32ms [x] [x]
Firefly Rk 3399@Mali GPU[fp16] 45.20ms [x] [x]
Raspberry Pi 3b@A53 * 1 308.24ms 163.41ms [x]

Below we tested LResNet100E(dim512) on different platforms.

@TVM @MXNet(pip install) OpenCV-DNN
E5-2650 v4 2.20GHz @ 24 Threads 45ms 600ms TODO
Macbook r2015 2.2G@4 threads 178ms 433ms TODO
Nvidia GTX 1080 8.40ms 31ms TODO
Nvidia Tesla P40 7.12ms 15.61ms TODO
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