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DJL v0.5.0 release notes

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@roywei roywei released this 12 May 20:49
· 2247 commits to master since this release

DJL 0.5.0 release brings TensorFlow engine inference, initial NLP support and experimental Android inference with PyTorch engine.

Key Features

  • TensorFlow engine support with TensorFlow 2.1.0
    • Support NDArray operations, TensorFlow model zoo, multi-threaded inference
  • PyTorch engine improvement with PyTorch 1.5.0
  • Experimental Android Support with PyTorch engine
  • MXNet engine improvement with MXNet 1.7.0
  • Initial NLP support with MXNet engine
    • Training LSTM models
    • Support various text/word embedding, Seq2Seq use cases
    • Added NLP datasets
  • New AWS-AI toolkit to integrate with AWS technologies
    • Load model from s3 buckets directly
  • Improved model-zoo with more models

Documentation and examples

Breaking changes

  • We moved our repository module under api module. There will be no 0.5.0 version for ai.djl.repository, use ai.djl.api instead.
  • Please refer to DJL Java Doc for some minor API changes.

Know issues: