A data-provider that makes every table searchable via rethinkdb
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Adds realtime search functionality to deepstream when used in conjunction with RethinkDb.

Say you've got a number of records like:

ds.record.getRecord( 'book/i95ny80q-2bph9txxqxg' ).set({
	'title': 'Harry Potter and the goblet of fire',
	'price': 9.99

and use deepstream.io's RethinkDb storage connector with:

{ splitChar: '/' }

you can now search for Harry Potter books that cost less than 15.30 like this:

var queryString = JSON.stringify({
	table: 'book',
    	query: [
    		[ 'title', 'match', '^Harry Potter.*' ],
        [ 'price', 'lt', 15.30 ],
        [ 'author.lastname', 'eq', 'Rowling' ] //nested paths work too
ds.record.getList( 'search?' + queryString );

and the best thing is: it's in realtime. Whenever a record that matches the search criteria is added or removed, the list will be updated accordingly.


Install the provider via npm and configure it to connect to both deepstream and RethinkDb

var SearchProvider = require( './src/provider' );

var searchProvider = new SearchProvider({
  //optional, defaults to 'search'
  listName: 'search',

   * Only use 0 or 1 for production!

   * 0 = logging off
   * 1 = only log connection events & errors
   * 2 = also log subscriptions and discards
   * 3 = log outgoing messages
  logLevel: 3,

  // deepstream
  deepstreamUrl: 'localhost:6021',
  deepstreamCredentials: { username: 'rethinkdb-search-provider' },

  // Instead of creating a new connection to deepstream, you can also
  // reuse an existing one by substituting the above with
  deepstreamClient: myDeepstreamClient,

  // rethinkdb
  rethinkdbConnectionParams: {
      host: '',
      port: 28015,
      db: 'deepstream'

  //optional primary key, defaults to ds_id
  primaryKey: 'itemId',

  // Instead of creating a new connection to RethinkDb, you can also
  // reuse an existing one by substituting the above with
  rethinkDbConnection: myRethinkDbConnection

// and start it

// it can also be stopped by calling


On the client you can now request dynamically populated lists of search results

var queryString = JSON.stringify({
	table: 'book',
    query: [
    	[ 'title', 'match', '^Harry Potter.*' ],
        [ 'price', 'lt', 15.30 ]
ds.record.getList( 'search?' + queryString );

query can contain one or more conditions. Each condition is an array of [ field, operator, value ]. Supported operators are:

  • "eq" (equal)
  • "gt" (greater than)
  • "lt" (lesser than)
  • "ne" (not equal)
  • "match" (RegEx match)

Please note that the operators are type-sensitive, so comparing 20 with "20" won't yield results


Don't forget to delete your search from deepstream once you don't need it anymore, e.g.

bookSearchResults = ds.record.getList( 'search?' + queryString );
// use it