A model defensive patent license.
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The Model Defensive Patent License

The Idea

The Defensive Patent License (DPL) is a new legal mechanism to protect innovators by networking patents into powerful, mutually-beneficial legal shields that are 100% committed to defending innovation -- no bullies, trolls, or other leeches allowed.

It also helps prevent evildoers from patenting open technologies and pulling them out of the public domain. We think it's a great way for patents to be used for good, and not evil.

Who Are You?

The DPL is the brainchild of Professors Jason Shultz and Jennifer Urban at Berkeley Law. We're making this model license available to solicit for comments from the general public, and to foster a broader discussion about a new generation of approaches to patent licensing.


For more information, visit our website or feel free to drop us a line directly at defensivepatent@gmail.com. Also check us out on Facebook and Twitter for the latest.