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Emacs Major Mode for CoffeeScript

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CoffeeScript Major Mode

An Emacs major mode for CoffeeScript and IcedCoffeeScript.

Provides syntax highlighting, indentation support, imenu support, a menu bar, and a few cute commands.



  • Emacs 24.1 or higher


Install from the GNU Emacs Lisp Package Archive or MELPA.


coffee-mode used to offer automatic deletion of trailing whitespace. This is now left to whitespace-mode. See its documentation for full details, but as a hint, configure:

;; automatically clean up bad whitespace
(setq whitespace-action '(auto-cleanup))
;; only show bad whitespace
(setq whitespace-style '(trailing space-before-tab indentation empty space-after-tab))

Then turn on whitespace-mode, or global-whitespace-mode.


To set the number of spaces used with each additional indentation, add this to your .emacs or init.el or other initialization file:

;; This gives you a tab of 2 spaces
(custom-set-variables '(coffee-tab-width 2))

coffee-tab-width is buffer local variable. You can set indentation size per buffer by using File Variables.

# Local variables:
# coffee-tab-width: 4
# End:

Using TAB

Set coffee-indent-tabs-mode t if you want to use TAB instead of spaces.

Move to corresponding point in JavaScript file after compiling

You can archive this with sourcemap and following configuration. You can install sourcemap package from MELPA.

(setq coffee-args-compile '("-c" "-m")) ;; generating sourcemap
(add-hook 'coffee-after-compile-hook 'sourcemap-goto-corresponding-point)


If you're using imenu, coffee-mode should work just fine. This means users of textmate.el will find that ⇧⌘T (textmate-go-to-symbol) mostly works as expected.

If you're not using imenu check out this page or textmate.el for a really awesome way to jump quickly to a function's definition in a file.

Default Key Bindings

Key Command
C-m, Return Insert newline and indent line
C-c C-<, backtab Indent line or region to left
C-c C-> Indent line or region to right
C-M-a Move to beginning of defun
C-M-e Move to end of defun
C-M-h Mark this defun
A-r, C-c C-k Compile buffer to JavaScript
A-R Compile content of region to JavaScript
A-M-r, C-c C-z Run CoffeeScript REPL
C-c C-l Send this line to REPL buffer
C-c C-r Send content of region to REPL buffer
C-c C-b Send content of buffer to REPL buffer
C-c C-o C-s Enable coffee-cos-mode



If you have easymenu you can get to any of these commands from the menu bar:

coffee-mode menu bar


Launch a CoffeeScript REPL


Compile buffer to JavaScript.


Compile region to JavaScript


Run coffee with the --watch flag on a directory or file.


Minor mode for compiling to JavaScript at save file.

Sample Configuration

;; coffeescript
 '(coffee-tab-width 2)
 '(coffee-args-compile '("-c" "--bare")))

(eval-after-load "coffee-mode"
     (define-key coffee-mode-map [(meta r)] 'coffee-compile-buffer)
     (define-key coffee-mode-map (kbd "C-j") 'coffee-newline-and-indent)))


Please file bugs at

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