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@@ -27,16 +27,14 @@ Install tasks from a Rakefile, optionally specifying specific tasks.
Examine the source of a Rake task.
$ sake -e routes
-Want to share just a few tasks, bundle them up?
- $ sake -e routes remigrate > my_tasks.rake
You can also examine the source of a task not yet installed.
$ sake -e Rakefile db:remigrate
-Uninstall an installed task.
+Uninstall an installed task. (Can be passed one or more tasks.)
$ sake -u db:remigrate
-Can be passed one or more tasks.
+Post a task to Pastie!
+ $ sake -p routes
Invoke a Sake task.
$ sake <taskname>
@@ -69,6 +67,7 @@ You can also daemonize your server for long term serving fun.
* Josh Susser
* Brian Donovan
* Zack Chandler
+ * Dr Nic Williams
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