Rust library for parsing bad JSON.
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Build Status

The library is still under development. Please don't use it.

How to use it

There are only three functions that are provided by this library.

Decodes a json value from a string:

pub fn from_str(s: &str) -> Result<Json, BuilderError>

Shortcut function to decode a JSON &str into an object:

pub fn decode<T: Decodable>(s: &str) -> Result<T, DecoderError>

Decodes a json value from an &mut io::Read:

pub fn from_reader(rdr: &mut Read) -> Result<Json, BuilderError>

What is the difference with the standard JSON

Both inline (single-line) and block (multi-line) comments are allowed:

    // this is an inline comment

    "foo": "bar" // another inline comment

       This is a block comment
       that continues on another line

Object keys can be unquoted if they're valid identifiers or it's can be natural numbers:

    foo: 'bar',
    while: true,
    sparse: {0: "Yankee", 273: "Hotel", 38: "Foxtrot"}

Objects and arrays can have trailing commas:

    oh: [
        "we shouldn't forget",
        "arrays can have",
        "trailing commas",
    finally: "a trailing comma",

Strings can be single-quoted and contain unescaped control characters like linebreaks or tabulation. Therefore, we can split string across multiple lines:

    "This is a
multi-line string",

    "Here is another \
multi-line string with ignored backslash",

    'And say "hello" to single-quoted string!'

Weakjson ignore invalid escaping like \f so that it will be simple f.

Numbers can include Infinity, -Infinity, NaN, and -NaN, can begin with an explicit plus sign, begin with leading zero digits, begin or end with a (leading or trailing) decimal point or be hexadecimal (base 16):

    Infinity,  // f64::INFINITY
    -Infinity, // f64::NEG_INFINITY
    NaN,       // f64::NAN
    -NaN,      // f64::NAN

    +42,       // 42
    042,       // 42
    .42,       // 0.42
    42.,       // 42.0
    0x2A       // 42