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Porter makes CNAB bundles easier!
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Porter is a Cloud Installer

Porter gives you building blocks to create a cloud installer for your application, handling all the necessary infrastructure and configuration setup. It is a declarative authoring experience that lets you focus on what you know best: your application.

Want to start using Porter? Check out the QuickStart Guide for a brief walkthrough.

Learn more at

Want to work on Porter with us? See our Contributing Guide


2019/03/14 pi day 🥧

Porter go in lots of directions! Here are our top 3 goals at the moment:

  1. Use Porter without installing Duffle - Milestone Look Ma, No Duffle

    Compile duffle functionality into porter as needed, instead of having the user switch between the two CLIs.

  2. Dependency Distribution - Milestone TBC

    Solve end-to-end how bundle authors use porter to build, publish and then use someone's bundle as a dependency.

  3. Mixin Distribution - Milestone TBC

    Make it easy for anyone to create and distribute mixins that porter can discover and install.

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