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Ruby on Rails bundle for Geany text editor.
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Geany on Rails

Package contains:

  • Ruby and Ruby on Rails snippets, mainly borrowed from TextMate Ruby on Rails bundle.
  • Railscast TextMate theme (created by Ryan Bytes), converted into Geany format.


By default Geany stores configuration files under ~/.config/geany. All you have to do is just merging the geany directory, which can be done as follows:

git clone git://
cp -r geany-on-rails/geany ~/.config


Any comments, improvements and bugs reports are welcome! Feel free to create an issue at

If you would like to improve/commit something, tell me about it, and I will give You the commit rights or merge Your changes.


Dawid Fatyga (email: a permutation of { .com, @, dawid.fatyga, gmail })

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