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Broadly used open source java components as gems for use with JRuby
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Latest commit 5400c0e @dekellum jetty: release date
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async-httpclient 2016
commons-codec 2016
commons-dbcp 2016
commons-dbutils 2016
commons-pool 2016
guava 2016
httpclient-3 2016
httpclient-4 2016
icu 2016
jackson 2016
jdbc-postgres postgres: release date
jets3t 2016
jetty-jsp 2016
jetty jetty: release date
jms-spec 2016
jms 2016
logback 2016
lucene 2016
maven 2016
nekohtml 2016
netty 2016
protobuf 2016
rome 2016
slf4j 2016
solr 2016
tarpit 2016
www Use sans-serif for for www dot svg
xerces 2016
zookeeper 2016
.gitignore Initial top-level Gemfile for conversion
README.rdoc Replace* links with*
Rakefile Add jdbc-postgres to top level Rakefile
pom.xml *: Add async-httpclient to top level pom, Rakefile


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