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Yii 2 module that helps managing your RBAC system
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Yii2-rbac Total Downloads Software License

Yii2-rbac provides a way to manage your application's RBAC structure and includes following features:

  • Allows CRUD operations for auth items (roles and permissions) and rules.
  • Allows to assign multiple roles or permissions to user (using bundled widget).
  • Allows to create console migration for creating/updating RBAC items.
  • Integrated with Yii2-user - flexible user management module

NOTE: Module is in initial development. Anything may change at any time.


Read the Documentation for master

Read the Documentation for v1.0.0-alpha


If you have any questions or problems with Yii2-rbac you can ask them on our forum.

Contributing to this project

Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute. Please take a moment to review the guidelines for contributing.


Yii2-rbac is released under the MIT License. See the bundled for details.

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