Hooks into will_paginate to format the html to match Twitter Bootstrap 4 styling
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Will Paginate link renderer styles for Twitter Bootstrap 4


Rails Engine that extends will_paginate stylings to match the pagination styling conventions in Twitter's Bootstrap 4 toolkit.


Add to your Gemfile:

gem 'will_paginate-bootstrap4'


<%= will_paginate @clients, renderer: WillPaginate::ActionView::BootstrapLinkRenderer %>

The following options are available (in addition to the options available in will_paginate):

:list_classes = ['pagination']    # Array of classes
:aria_label = 'Page Navigation'   # The aria label to use in the Nav tag
:previous_label = '&laquo;'       # Previous page label
:next_label = '&raquo;'           # Next page label

For example, to place the navigation section to the far right of the page, use this in your view:

<%= will_paginate @clients, list_classes: %w(pagination justify-content-end) %>

Just like you would in the regular will_paginate. If you've got a need to use the default will_paginate stylings, pass an option like so:

<%= will_paginate @collection, renderer: WillPaginate::ActionView::LinkRenderer %>

Copyright (c) 2016-2018 Ivan Palamarchuk released under the MIT license