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A few helpful classes to implement a JsonAPI server using the FatFreeFramework and F3-Cortex
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I've had to write a few JsonAPI servers and, at some point, I've started to distil all the common code into a separate class. This is still a work in progress and will be for a while, since it is both my first library and a rewrite of those common classes I was talking about; but it should quickly be operative.



f3-jsonapi is a plugin. These instructions assume you are working in a FatFreeFramework project.

In addition, you need to have installed and configured.


You can install f3-jsonapi in your project with:

composer require delkano/f3-jsonapi


Then list all your models into your config.ini


Define each model in the namespace Model, using F3-Cortex for this, and finally call the setup method in your index.php before $f3->run():


I have added to the F3-Cortex model definition one attribute for the 'has-many' relationships. If you add

'async' => true,

the relationship won't be detailed inline. This is useful for very large relationships.

You don't need to define any controllers, since each model is assigned the readable controller by default. However, if you want to customize the behaviour, you can extend any of the provided base controllers (JsonApi, Readable and Restricted) and override their methods.

For ease of editing, there are some hooks provided:


I will write some documentation for them, but for now you can check the JsonApi controller code to see their working.

Current status

  • Base controller works
  • Readable controller, for those objects that can only be edited by their creators but publicly read
  • Restricted controller, for those objects that can only be accessed by their creators
  • The fallback controller, which is assigned to any models without an explicit controller, defaults to Readable
  • Setup is written
  • Needs testing

Although F3-JsonAPI is to be considered under development, I have been using it for my own projects for some time and it is stable and working.

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