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CSI Driver for Dell PowerFlex

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Repository for CSI Driver for Dell PowerFlex


CSI Driver for PowerFlex is part of the CSM (Container Storage Modules) open-source suite of Kubernetes storage enablers for Dell products. CSI Driver for PowerFlex is a Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver that provides support for provisioning persistent storage using Dell PowerFlex storage array.

It supports CSI specification version 1.5.

This project may be compiled as a stand-alone binary using Golang that, when run, provides a valid CSI endpoint. It also can be used as a precompiled container image.

Table of Contents


For any CSI driver issues, questions or feedback, please follow our support process


This project is a Go module (see Module information for explanation). The dependencies for this project are in the go.mod file.

To build the source, execute make clean build.

To run unit tests, execute make unit-test.

To build an image, execute make docker.

You can run an integration test on a Linux system by populating the file with values for your PowerFlex system and then run "make integration-test".

Runtime Dependencies

The Node portion of the driver can only be run on nodes which have network connectivity to a “PowerFlex Cluster” via PowerFlex SDC Client (which is used by the driver). This means that the scini kernel module must be loaded.

Also, if the X_CSI_VXFLEXOS_SDCGUID environment variable is not set, the driver will attempt to query the SDC GUID automatically. If this fails, the driver will not run.

Driver Installation

Please consult the Installation Guide

Using driver

Please refer to the section Testing Drivers in the Documentation for more info.


For more detailed information on the driver, please refer to Container Storage Modules documentation.