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OpenTK is a set of bindings to OpenGL, OpenCL and OpenAL. This is not the main repository, just a temporary import to allow Mono developers to make changes to this module. Please do not contribute changes here, contribute them to the upstream maintainers at
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OpenTK for Raspberry Pi

This fork is speficially to get OpenTK working on the raspberry pi device. The Pi is a linux based system which supports OpenGLES 2.0. Modifications need to be made to OpenTK to get it to work correctly.


In the Source\Examples\OpenGLES folder a new project has been added called RaspberryPi, this is the test project. There is a solution in it which already references the OpenTK project. It also has an implementation for an OpenGLES 2.0 window. This project will work on windows if you download an OpenGlES 2.0 emulator such as


Place the libEGL.dll and libGLESv2.dll in the bin\Debug directory and run the app, it should create a windows with a Red background.


If you want to help out just message me and I will grant you access to this repo, or fork the repo yourself.

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