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v2.0.0 stable release

This is a major release. Changes from v1.1.0 include the changes below along with all changes from releases 2.0 beta 1 and beta 2.

Change Log

_PasHi v2.0.0_

  • Help screen text corrected and clarified.
  • Manifested program as being compatible with Windows Vista through to Windows 10 and updated program version number in manifest.

_PasHiGUI v1.0.0_

  • Main window size and position now persists between runs.
  • Hints are now displayed in main window.
  • Help menu option to display online help replaced with option to display user guide that is installed with the program.
  • Updates to About box:
    • Program version number and copyright details are now extracted from program resources instead of being hard coded.
    • The name of the license file was updated.
    • Fixed potential bug in synchronising visibility of Options Bar with state of Show/Hide Options Bar menu option and toolbar button.
    • Manifested program as being compatible with Windows Vista through to Windows 10.

_General changes_

  • Standardised format of version information for PasHi and PasHiGUI.
  • Programs now compiled with Delphi XE instead of Delphi.
  • Major overhaul of documentation including:
    • Former read-me HTML file was split into two documents: an HTML user guide named UserGuide.html that is installed with the programs and a read-me text file that is included with the installer in the program download.
    • All license information was consolidated in a new LICENSE file that is installed with the programs. This replaces License.txt and SourceCodeLicenses.txt.
    • Minor modification were made to license summary displayed by installer.
    • Many documents were updated re changes in v2 and were corrected and/or clarified.
  • Corrections were made to config file templates and some of the optionally installed CSS files. Some comments were also clarified.
  • Some code refactored and commenting standardised.