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Tessera with Vagrant

Vagrant provides a lightweight mechanism to provision a reproducible portable Tessera environment for testing and development. This is the easiest way to get a local platform-independent single-node VM with the Hadoop-backed Tessera environment installed.

The subdirectories in this repository provide scripts to provision a Tessera Vagrant VM with various versions of Tessera components. The current recommended environment is cdh4mr1-rhipe0.74.

Provisioning a VM

Download and install Vagrant:

On a command line, clone this repository:

git clone

Choose the directory in this repository with the environment you would like, for example

cd install-vagrant/cdh4mr1-rhipe0.74

This will put you in an environment with CDH4 running MapReduce version 1 and with RHIPE 0.74.

To provision the environment, simply type the following:

vagrant up


vagrant up  | vagrant up --provider=virtualbox | vagrant up --provider=aws

for virtual box or aws.

Once the provisioning has completed

  • To work from command line: SSH into the machine with vagrant ssh
  • To work from RStudio IDE: navigate to localhost:9787 in your web browser with credentials vagrant:vagrant
  • While using cdh5-mr2-Rhipe0.75, to access all HTTP pages on your AWS machine tunnel your traffic the following way ssh -D 10009 -i key ubuntu@hostname or ssh -D 10009 -i key username@hostname

Unless otherwise noted in the README file for a specific installation, the following Hadoop services are available at the following locations:

  • NameNode: http://localhost:60070
  • JobTracker: http://localhost:60030
  • TaskTracker: http://localhost:60060


Installation scripts and instructions for setting up local Tessera environment with Vagrant



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