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Configurable Math Library

For CML version 1, please see


The Configurable Math Library (CML) is released under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0..


Build status Build Status

Using the CML

Currently, CML does not have a make install option. As it is header-only, it is simple enough to copy the cml header directory into your project, and setup your build to reference it.

Running Tests

To run the test suite from a command prompt using a Makefile-like generator, start in your build directory and execute:


Then, to build the tests (again from your build directory):

cmake --build . --config Release

You can run the full test suite from your build directory by executing:

ctest -C Release

If you have multiple CPUs (e.g. 4 in this case), you can speed things up a bit using, for example:

cmake --build . --config Release -- -j4

ctest -C Release -j4

Visual Studio 12 (2013), 14 (2015), and 15 (2017) are also supported, as are XCode 7.3 and 8.3.