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Twamp protocol dissector for Wireshark
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A Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) dissector for Wireshark (1.12.X and above).

Written by Murat Demirten


  • Unauthenticated twamp control sessions fully supported

  • Twamp UDP test session ports extracted from control handshake process

Build Instructions (Debian)

Instructions below are tested with Debian Jessie (testing) distribution which shipped with wireshark 1.12.X version.

If you want to to build twamp plugin in Debian Wheezy (or similar Ubuntu versions) you need to install backported wireshark 1.12.X packages.

For example, if you configured wheezy-backports archive, you can install required wireshark packages with `sudo apt-get install -t wheezy-backports wireshark-dev libwireshark-dev libwsutil-dev'


  1. Install the wireshark-dev, libglib2.0-dev and cmake:
$ sudo apt-get install wireshark-dev libglib2.0-dev cmake
  1. Create build dir in main directory and run cmake within as below:
$ mkdir build && cd build
$ cmake -DWIRESHARK_INCLUDE_DIRS=/usr/include/wireshark ..
  1. If everything goes well, you can use make and make install within build directory:
$ make
$ make install

Install target will copy automatically in your ~/.wireshark/plugins folder.

Twamp Gui Utilities

You can use twamp-client and twamp-responder utilities for testing purpose:


  • Authenticated and encrypted sessions will be supported in future
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