Plugin for argos3 containing a model of the e-puck robot extended with ground sensor, range-and-bearing board, Omnivision module, and Linux board.
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What is ARGoS-Epuck?

ARGoS-Epuck is a plugin that enables the use of the E-puck robot in ARGoS. ARGoS-Epuck contains the software modules for both the physical robot and its simulated version. Therefore, the user can develop a control software for the E-puck and test it in a virtual environment and then port the same control software, without modifications, on the real E-puck. In order to be used on the real E-puck, the plugin requires the robots to be equipped with a Linux extension board (Gumstix Overo computer-on-module (COM)). Depending on the needs of the user, the capabilities of the basic model of the E-puck can be enhanced with the following extensions: a ground sensor, a range-and-bearing board, and an Omnivision module.

ARGoS-Epuck is released under the terms of the MIT license.

Downloading ARGoS-Epuck

You can download the development sources through git:

$ git clone argos3-epuck

Compiling ARGoS-Epuck


Before executing the following commands, you need to download, compile, and install argos3:

Compiling the code

The compilation of ARGoS is configured through CMake.

Compiling for the simulator
$ cd argos3-epuck
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ../src
$ make
$ sudo make install

If you wish to load the library without installing: $ export ARGOS_PLUGIN_PATH=build_simepuck/plugins/robots/e-puck

Compiling for the E-puck

For the real robot, after installing the cross compilation tool and cross-compiling and installing argos3 (detailed instructions in doc/installation.pdf):

$ cd argos3-epuck
$ mkdir build_realepuck
$ cd build_realepuck
$ cmake -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=../src/cmake/TargetEPuck.cmake ../src
$ make
$ sudo make install