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The Unity's Cinematic Image Effects optimized for Virtual Reality using Single Pass Stereo Rendering
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XR Cinematic Image Effects

This is an updated fork of the Unity's Cinematic Image Effects for Unity 2017.3+ with Single Pass Stereo Rendering. Single Pass Instanced is planned for later. Because some effects are hard to convert, this repository contains only working effects.



Effect Note Single Pass Stereo  Single Pass Instanced
FXAA Ok Yes No
SMAA Temporal doesn't work Yes  No
Distortion The center is not good Mostly No
Vignette Ok Ok No
Chromatic Aberration Ok Yes No
Height Fog Ok  Yes No
Depth Of Field WIP Mostly No
Tone Mapping Ok Yes No
Color Grading WIP Yes No

About the Post Process Stack V2

The new stack is great, but it's not compatible with the Universal Windows Projects when targeting .Net. Because all projects can't be compiled with IL2CPP, this fork is very usefull if you need post process. You'll find a some great assets on the Asset Store, but nohting about AntiAliasing and Single Pass Stereo. This repository has a working FXAA and SMAA in VR with Single Pass Stereo Rendering.


Like the original project on Bitbucket, this project is licensed under the MIT License.

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