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Adafruit PyPortal Badge

I got tired of fumbling around with my business cards at conferences so I decided to create an interactive digital business card instead!

Image of digital business card

This code should get you up and running with a copy of my business card. Feel free to change up the images if you use this out in the wild!


Make sure you have a PyPortal and have a recent build of CircuitPython. You can follow the guide over on Adafruit.

Plug your PyPortal into your computer and copy the contents of this repo onto the CIRCUITPYTHON drive that shows up and your PyPortal will automatically restart and run the code in


Add buttons to your UI by adding new bounding boxes to the global touchpoints dict.

touchpoints = {
  # ...
  'cat_photo': {
    'region': (x_coord, y_coord, box_width, box_height),
    'action': function_to_be_called,
  # ...
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