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developer installation

The recommended way to set up a developer instance is through Vagrant. After installing Vagrant and VirtualBox, install as follows:

git clone
cd demozoo
vagrant up

This will download an Ubuntu Trusty64 image, install dependencies, and fetch the latest public export of the Demozoo database. To start up the site:

vagrant ssh
# then within the Vagrant VM:
./ runserver

Alternatively you may need to run : python ./ runserver

The site will now be available at http://localhost:8000/.

Rebuilding indices for the database

If you want to work with the search feature, you have to rebuild your database indices first:

./ index --rebuild --verbose

This will take a long time, but you only need to do it once.

Creating an admin user

All account passwords in the public database export are blanked, so you'll need to create a new account to log in. To create a superuser account:

./ createsuperuser

and enter the account details when prompted.

Batteries not included

The procedure above gives you a basic working Demozoo installation, but several features are unavailable due to needing additional configuration:

  • file uploads (Amazon S3)
  • screenshot processing
  • background tasks ( spidering, fetching screenshots from graphics releases...)

Instructions for these will be forthcoming, at least when someone asks for them :-)

Gasman -