Working with mountebank api it's easy!
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Mountebank API PHP

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What is the Mountebank? See original documentation for understanding.

This package is a php wrapper for mountebank API.


composer require demyan112rv/mountebank-api-php

Usage basics

Response for stub

use Demyan112rv\MountebankPHP\Response;
use Demyan112rv\MountebankPHP\Response\Behavior;
$response = new Response(Response::TYPE_IS);
    'statusCode' => 200,
    'headers' => ['Content-Type' => 'application/json'],
    'body' => ['foo' => 'bar']
    (new Behavior())
        ->setConfig((new Behavior\Config\Wait())->setValue(500))

Predicate for stub

use Demyan112rv\MountebankPHP\Predicate;
use Demyan112rv\MountebankPHP\Predicate\XPath;
use Demyan112rv\MountebankPHP\Predicate\JsonPath;

$predicate = new Predicate(Predicate::OPERATOR_EQUALS);
$predicate->setConfig(['path' => '/test'])
    ->setXPath((new XPath())->setSelector('selector')->setNs(['foo' => 'bar']))
    ->setJsonPath((new JsonPath())->setSelector('selector'));

Stub for imposter

use Demyan112rv\MountebankPHP\Stub;

$stub = new Stub();

Imposter for Mountebank

use Demyan112rv\MountebankPHP\Imposter;
use Demyan112rv\MountebankPHP\Mountebank;

$imposter = new Imposter();
$imposter->setName('Test imposter')

// Mountbank config client
$mb = new Mountebank(new \GuzzleHttp\Client());

// Add new imposter
$response = $mb->addImposter($imposter);

// remove all imposters
$response = $mb->removeImposters();