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Note: After 8 years without making changes to this code, denilsonsa decided to archive this repository. If you are interested, please look at other forks. At the time of archival, ixxra's fork seems to be the one with most activity.


batterymon-clone is a simple battery monitor tray icon for Linux.

  • Written in Python
  • Should work on any desktop environment
  • Very little dependencies: just Python and PyGTK
  • Optional support for notify-python, for notifications using libnotify

The current implementation reads battery information from /sys/class/power_supply/, and updates the state by polling every few seconds.

Changelog summary:

  • Version 1.4.0 reads information from /sys/class/power_supply/, which has been added in Linux kernel 2.6.23. However, it uses power_now instead of current_now, and thus only works on 2.6.30 and newer.

  • Version 1.3.0 reads information from /proc/acpi/ interface (which has been removed from Linux kernel 2.6.39). The old DBus+HAL code was replaced by polling the battery state every few seconds.

  • Older versions used DBus and HAL instead of polling the state every few seconds. However, support for HAL has been deprecated and removed from most distros.


batterymon-clone is a fork of batterymon

batterymon was originally written in mid-2009 by Matthew Horsell and Tomas Kramar, and was available at Google Code.

It was later forked in 2010 as batterymon-clone by sayamindu on GitHub.

After a long time without commits, denilsonsa forked and updated it in mid-2011.

Each one of the authors contributed a little in order to make batterymon a better software for their own needs. You can also contribute! Feel free to fork this code and improve it!

Future improvements

Here is a list of things you can do to help moving batterymon forward:

You do not need to ask for permission to fix them. Just fork this repository and start coding!


Clone of BatteryMon, a simple GNOME applet to monitor battery status. This adds i18n support, a distutils based build infrastructure, etc. The homepage of the original software is at


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