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NGINX Homebrew Tap

This tap is designed specifically for a custom build of NGINX with more module options.

How do I install these formule (NGINX Modules)?

Once the tap is installed, you can install nginx-full with optional additional modules:

brew tap denji/nginx
brew install nginx-full --with-upload-module

For a list of available configuration options run:

brew options nginx-full
brew info nginx-full

What about conflicts?

You are free to install this version alongside a current install of NGINX from Homebrew/homebrew if you wish. However, they cannot be linked at the same time. To switch between them use brew's built in linking system.

brew unlink nginx
brew link nginx-full


brew help, man brew or check Homebrew's documentation.


Please see the contributing guide.

How to submit a new formula

  • Fork this repository on GitHub.
  • Clone to your Mac.
  • Read and look at the other formule here.
  • In your locally cloned homebrew-nginx repo, create a new branch: git checkout --branch my_new_formula
  • Write/edit your formula (ruby file). Check Homebrew's documentation for details.
  • Test it locally! brew install ./my-new-formula.rb. Does it install? Note, ./<formula>.rb will target the local file.
  • git push --set-upstream origin my-new-formula to get it into your GitHub fork as a new branch.
  • If you have to change something, add a commit and git push.
  • On GitHub, select your new branch and then click the "Pull Request" button.