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The easiest, most secure JavaScript runtime.



  • Manual - Easy way to get started with Deno
  • API documentation — Learn about Deno namespace
  • std lib — Learn more about the robust standard library that comes with Deno.
  • Robust toolchain - Deno comes with a toolchain like deno test, deno fmt, deno lint, and more.
  • Blog - Learn about web technologies, success stories with Deno, how to build things with Deno, and more.


There are a lot of people using Deno or contributing to the Deno project.

  • Discord - We're here to help answer questions, listen to ideas, and show case what we've built with Deno.
  • YouTube - Our official YouTube channel, where we post How Tos, release note summaries, conference talks from core engineers, and more.
  • Twitter - Follow us on Twitter where we share our most important updates (and occasional memes).
  • Reddit — Our subreddit, which community members post things they've built with Deno, as well as Deno updates.
  • Mastodon - Our Mastodon, which is basically like Twitter.
  • Deno News - Our monthly-ish newsletter, chocked full of Deno updates and resources from the community.



We appreciate your help!

To contribute, please read our contributing instructions.

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