[UNMAINTAINED] A Firefox addon that provides tab grouping features similar to the removed TabView/TabGroups/Panorama features.
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Simplified Tab Groups for Firefox

NOTE: This project is currently unmaintained. If someone wants to take over, check this discussion and drop me a note.

This project aims to provide a simple add-on to replace some functionalities from TabView/Tab Groups/Panorama which were removed from Firefox due to a lot of open bugs and a very low overall usage.


The add-on is available at addons.mozilla.org and should be installed there to ensure the add-on stays updated.


Please note that this extension is currently in a very unstable and untested state and may kill your tabs or small kittens. While it may get improved and secured in the future, I strongly advise you to make a backup of your important tabs...


Assuming you have Node.js v5 installed on your machine, building this project is rather easy.

  1. Install the dependencies: npm install.
  2. Run ./node_modules/.bin/jake build to build all source files into the dist/ directory or run ./node_modules/.bin/jake run to build the add-on and start a Firefox instance for testing.

jake run uses jpm and you can pass additional parameters to it by setting an environment variable, for example: JPM_PARAMS="-b nightly" jake run


Feel free to fix some open issues and submit a pull request. Please make sure to file the pull request against the develop branch, which should be the default. Please make sure your code passes the coding styleguides by running jake lint before submitting the PR.

If you want to help translating this add-on, feel free to alter or add new files in src/locale. The extensions name and descriptions have to be changed in src/install.rdf.