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deployd module that generate AWS S3 signedUrl. You can HTTP PUT/GET/DELETE files via the signedUrl from s3 storage.

Getting started

This module requires deployd ~0.7.0.

If you haven't used Deployd before, make sure to read the documentation.

Installation without package.json

npm install dpd-s3

Installation with package.json

If you have a package.json, you'll have to add this module in it.

npm install dpd-s3 --save

Once it is installed, Deployd will automatically load it.
For more information about Modules, take a look at the module page on the deployd documentation.

The dpd-s3 module


It is a simple aws-sdk wrapper for deployd



  • AWS Access Key
  • AWS Access Secret
  • S3 Region
  • S3 bucket

Please fill them in using the deployd dashboard config page of this module.

Usage example

Using dpd.js

Dpd-s3 request a Signed URL to allow uploading/downloading a file.

Request a Signed URL to upload a file named 'apple.jpg'

dpd.s3bucket.get('apple.jpg', {
    signedUrl: 'Put'
    ContentType: 'image/jpeg'
}, function(signedUrl, err){

    // regular http put file to signedUrl
    $.ajax({type:'Put', url:signedUrl}, ...);


Request a Signed URL to download a file named 'apple.jpg'

<img src="/s3bucket/apple.jpg" />


dpd.s3bucket.get('apple.jpg', {
    returnFormat: 'Url'
}, function(signedUrl, err){

Delete file names 'apple.jpg'

dpd.s3bucket.delete('apple.jpg', function(ret, err){
    console.log(ret, err);

Using HTTP Requests

Request a Signed URL to upload a file named 'apple.jpg'. Then do a PUT request to the returned URL with your file in parameter, dont forget to set the proper header 'Content-Type' for this request too.

GET http://localhost:2403/my-bucket/apple.jpg?ContentType=image/jpeg&signedUrl=Put

Request a Signed URL to download a file named 'apple.jpg'

GET http://localhost:2403/my-bucket/apple.jpg?returnFormat=Url

Delete file names 'apple.jpg'

DELETE http://localhost:2403/my-bucket/apple.jpg


Just send me a Pull Request in Github.

Release history

  • 0.1.0: refactor to use aws-sdk and signedUrl instead of direct upload


Eric Fong cowgp dallonf