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GitHub Action for Deployer

  - name: Deploy
    uses: deployphp/action@v1
      dep: deploy
      private-key: ${{ secrets.PRIVATE_KEY }}


  - name: Deploy
    uses: deployphp/action@v1
      # The deployer task to run. For example:
      # `deploy all`.
      # Required.
      dep: deploy

      # Specifies a sub directory within the repository to deploy
      # Optional
      sub-directory: "..."
      # Config options for the Deployer. Same as the `-o` flag in the CLI.
      # Optional.
        keep_releases: 7

      # Private key for connecting to remote hosts. To generate private key:
      # `ssh-keygen -o -t rsa -C ''`.
      # Optional.
      private-key: ${{ secrets.PRIVATE_KEY }}

      # Content of `~/.ssh/known_hosts` file. The public SSH keys for a
      # host may be obtained using the utility `ssh-keyscan`. 
      # For example: `ssh-keyscan`.
      # If known-hosts omitted, `StrictHostKeyChecking no` will be added to
      # `ssh_config`.
      # Optional.
      known-hosts: |

      # The SSH configuration. Content of `~/.ssh/config` file.
      # Optional.
      ssh-config: |
      # Option to skip over the SSH setup/configuration.
      # Self-hosted runners don't need the SSH configuration or the SSH agent 
      # to be started.
      # Optional.
      skip-ssh-setup: false        
      # Deployer version to download from
      # First, the action will check for Deployer binary at those paths:
      # - `vendor/bin/deployer.phar`
      # - `vendor/bin/dep`
      # - `deployer.phar`
      # If the binary not found, phar version will be downloaded from
      # Optional.
      deployer-version: "7.0.0"

      # You can specify path to your local Deployer binary in the repo.
      # Optional.
      deployer-binary: "bin/dep"

      # You can choose to disable ANSI output.
      # Optional. Defaults to true.
      ansi: false

      # You can specify the output verbosity level.
      # Optional. Defaults to -v.
      verbosity: -vvv


name: deploy

on: push

# It is important to specify "concurrency" for the workflow,
# to prevent concurrency between different deploys.
concurrency: production_environment

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

      - uses: actions/checkout@v2

      - name: Setup PHP
        uses: shivammathur/setup-php@v2
          php-version: '8.0'

      - name: Deploy
        uses: deployphp/action@v1
          dep: deploy
          private-key: ${{ secrets.PRIVATE_KEY }}