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This probably isn't the best fix, but it seems to make Facebook
connections stable for me.

After applying PR #497 you end up with frequent disconnects with:

Failed to read thrift: api.c:1515 fb_api_cb_publish_mst: assertion 'id == 2' failed

@.baltitenger said they checked that because that was the value in the
messages they saw, and they didn't know what other values would mean.

It seems messages with a different value don't break things (but we're
probably not handling them properly), but not crashing on them is
certainly better than crashing on them.

Fixes #496

Signed-off-by: Phil Dibowitz <>

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Purple Facebook implements the Facebook Messenger protocol into pidgin, finch, and libpurple. While the primary implementation is for purple3, this plugin is back-ported for purple2.

This project is not affiliated with Facebook, Inc.

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