This is OCaml code which uses the libraries menhir ( and the Batteries ( After it is compiled, it can be used to parse a file which contains arithmetic expressions.
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NOTE: This code is all example code. It is targeted to developers; read it and learn from it!

This example should be seen as an extension to the already existing menhir examples (accessible through the directory "demo" in the source code of menhir).

To write this code, I used the example demos/calc from menhir's source code. In the files lexer.mll and parser.mly I added comments for my own modifications so that the reader of the source code can distinguish between code from INRIA and code added by me.

A testfile is attached to avoid misunderstandings with the required file format.

Dependencies / Requirements

  • OCaml, tested with version 3.11.2
  • Batteries, tested with version 1.1.0-1
  • menhir , tested with version 20090505

File format

Every expression must end with a semicolon (;). Whitespace, tabulators and newlines are ignored.

How to compile

ocamlbuild calc.native

How to use

./calc.native [filename]

This command will print a list of results, represented as an OCaml list.