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A CakePHP Tools plugin containing lots of useful helpers, behaviors, components, shells, ...

CakePHP Tools Plugin

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A CakePHP 3.x Plugin containing several useful tools that can be used in many projects.

Version notice

This cake3 branch only works for CakePHP3.x - please use the master branch for CakePHP 2.x! It is still dev (no stable release yet), please be careful with using it.

Planned Release Cycle:

Dev (currently), Alpha, Beta, RC, 1.0 stable (incl. tagged release then).

What is this plugin for?

Enhancing the core

  • Auto-trim on POST (to make - not only notEmpty - validation working properly).
  • Disable cache also works for older IE versions.
  • With $this->Flash->message() you can have colorful (success, warning, error, ...) flash messages. They also can stack up (multiple messages per type) which the core currently doesn't support.
  • Provide enum support as "static enums"
  • Default settings for Paginator, ... can be set using Configure.
  • Provided a less error-prone inArray() method when using Utility class.

Additional features

  • The Passwordable behavior allows easy to use password functionality for frontend and backend.
  • Tree helper for working with (complex) trees and their output.
  • Ajax Views for better responses (Ajax also comes with an optional component).
  • Slugged and Reset behavior
  • The Text, Time, Number libs and helpers etc provide extended functionality if desired.
  • AuthUser, Timeline, Typography, etc provide additional helper functionality.
  • Email as a wrapper for core's Email adding some more usefulness and making debugging/testing easier.

Providing 2.x shims

This plugin for the Cake 3 version also contains some 2.x shims to ease migration of existing applications from 2.x to 3.x:

  • find('first') and find('count')
  • Model::$validate, Model::$primaryKey, Model::$displayField and Model relations as properties
  • Set/Multibyte class, Session component and a cut down version of JsHelper

Installation & Docs


  • Move more 2.x stuff to 3.x
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