Icinga command line interface
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icli - Icinga Command Line Interface

 * A local icinga daemon + access to some of its files
 * perl v5.10 or newer with the following modules:
 * DateTime
 * DateTime::Format::Strptime
 * DateTime::TimeZone
 * List::MoreUtils
 * Term::Size


 > perl Build.PL
 > ./Build
 > sudo ./Build install

You can then run 'man icli' for more information.

Extra modules required for testing:
 * Test::More
 * Test::Compile
 * Test::Pod
 * Test::Command

Note: To work with an Icinga installation, icli needs to know the path to
three files:
* objects.cache (icinga.cfg object_cache_file)
* status.dat (icinga.cfg status_file)
* icinga.cmd (icinga.cfg command_file)

If you are building interactively and the default values for these paths
do not exist, you will be asked for them -- hit return to keep the default.
In a non-interactive build, the defaults will be used (unless changed using
an option, see below).

If you need to set them regardless of the build host, do not wish to be
promited at all, or are using a non-interactive build process (perhaps even
for a whole distribution), you can set them using the following options:

> perl Build.PL --icli-object-file=.../objects.cache \
                --icli-status-file=.../status.dat \