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A simple GUI widget library, using OpenGL and Lua
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Alice is a simple GUI widget library, powered by OpenGL (ES) and controlled from Lua. It currently builds and runs on OS X and the Raspberry Pi, although as it uses SDL, it should be easy to port to standard Linux environments and Windows.



You will need the following frameworks:

After you have installed these to /Library/Frameworks, you will be able to build the Xcode project, or use scons. This should work for 10.6+, but may also work for earlier versions.

Raspberry Pi

Alice builds and runs on the Raspbian distribution, but should probably work on others, as long as you have the VideoCore libraries in /opt/vc. Use your favourite package management interface to install the following packages:

  • scons
  • liblua5.2-dev

You will need to build and install SDL2 from source Raspberry Pi support was initially added in changeset e4c38f17bfad (2013-09-28), so you will need to build from at least this version, or a newer one.

You will also need to install SDL2_image. This is not available in Wheezy, so you need to build this from source

Once these are installed, simply run scons from the root of the project in order to build the library.


For some sample code using Alice, see the Alice Demo project,


Alice is released under the MIT licence. It uses the "Ubuntu Mono" font, which is covered by the Ubuntu Font Licence.

See COPYING for more details.

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