Custom session state providers for ASP.NET.
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Lock-free session state module for ASP.NET

This module is a work-around for ASP.NET session lock. It allows to execute slow requests in parallel. Each request can use a session state in read/write mode.

It may be not safe, but can help you enhance site performance if other solutions are not available.

BTW, the best solution is to use read-only session state on all pages except the authentication.



HashTable module

Uses Hashtable-based implementation from MSDN.

  • Install the package.

    Install-Package Heavysoft.LockFreeSessionState.HashTable
  • These lines will be added to web.config:

          <remove name="Session" />
          <add name="Session" type="Heavysoft.Web.SessionState.HashTableSessionStateModule,Heavysoft.LockFreeSessionState.HashTable,PublicKeyToken=12eed1a4d3dc558d" />      
  • Lock-free session module will be loaded instead of the standard ASP.NET SessionStateModule.

SOSS module

Uses ScaleOut StateServer software.

Install-Package Heavysoft.LockFreeSessionState.Soss
Update-Package Heavysoft.LockFreeSessionState.Common

Custom storage

  • Install the common package.

    Install-Package Heavysoft.LockFreeSessionState.Common
  • Inherit the LockFreeSessionStateModule class. Implement abstract methods.