GLPI Plugin - SAML integration using the Onelogin SAML Library
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This is a GLPI plugin that facilitates single sign on authentication with an identity provider using the SAML 2.0 protocol. This tool leverages the Onelogin PHP library. Tested with ADFS 2.0+ and Google IDP


SAML is an XML-based standard for web browser single sign-on and is defined by the OASIS Security Services Technical Committee. The standard has been around since 2002, but lately it is becoming popular due its advantages:

  • Usability - One-click access from portals or intranets, deep linking, password elimination and automatically renewing sessions make life easier for the user.
  • Security - Based on strong digital signatures for authentication and integrity, SAML is a secure single sign-on protocol that the largest and most security conscious enterprises in the world rely on.
  • Speed - SAML is fast. One browser redirect is all it takes to securely sign a user into an application.
  • IT Friendly - SAML simplifies life for IT because it centralizes authentication, provides greater visibility and makes directory integration easier.
  • Opportunity - B2B cloud vendor should support SAML to facilitate the integration of their product.