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BFDL: A 100% accurate simulation of OSS maintenance
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BDFL: A 100% Accurate Depiction of OSS Maintenance

This is a clicker game that simulates creating an open source project in Git, and taking contributions.

Go to the page to play right now.


You want to release as much as possible! However, it takes more commits to justify each release.

However, releases help attract new contributors! They'll get better at making commits as you merge their contributions!

How do you win?

Like many things in life, you cannot win this game. You can just eventually be overwhelmed by the work required to keep up with the demands of your community until you give up. That, or your version control software gets incredibly slow and hard to use (this simulator really starts to have trouble around 15,000 commits).

Are you serious?

This is not a serious game, but really an excuse to create fun commit graphs.

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