PHP wrapper for the Request Tracker API
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Provides an implementation of the Request Tracker API in PHP.


  • PHP 5.3+
  • curl


composer require dersam/rt-php-lib

Or just download and include RequestTracker.php.


See example.php for usage instructions.

See for information on available fields. Note that if a request type has mandatory fields, they are requested in the function call, or (in certain cases) automatically added to the request. So you don't need to specify the ticket id in content, or the type of action.


Please report any issues at


  • Fork the repository.
  • Make your changes (Adding tests makes you a good person!).
  • Submit pull requests against master.


Running phpunit from the project root will run the tests. The tests currently expect an RT instance running on localhost:8080. You can easily get a local instance by using the netsandbox/request-tracker docker container. If your instance is not at localhost, you can specify a different uri by setting the RT_ENDPOINT environment variable.