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A framework for the implementation and evaluation of routing algorithms based on the Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) metaheuristic.


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An enhanceable framework for developing and testing the Ant Routing Algorithm (ARA) as proposed by M. Güneş, U. Sorges and I. Bouazizi in 2002.

Installation from git

  1. Clone the repository:

     git clone git://
  2. Please install the required dependencies

     clang >= 3.2
     OMNeT++ >= 4.5
  3. After the checkout you can build the sources and simulation via

     make all

    We also support a headless build via

      make HEADLESS=TRUE
  4. libARA is developed with a test driven approach using the CppUTest framework. You should can run the whole libARA regression test suit via the following command. This will automatically initialize and update the git submodule tests/cpputest.

     make test
  5. A doxygen based documentation can be build using the 'doc' target

     make doc


If you are new to the framework you should take a look at the AbstractARAClientTest which can give you a good feeling on how everything works. If you are only interested in the OMNeT++ part you should look at omnetpp and of course the simulations folder.

Bug tracker

Have a bug or feature request? Please create an issue here on GitHub!


You are using libARA in a scientific context? Please cite libARA with publication 2.

  1. Friedrich Grosse, Optimization and Evaluation of Energy Aware Ant Routing Algorithm Strategies Based on Network Simulations, Master Thesis, August 2013
  2. Michael Frey, Friedrich Grosse, Mesut Günes, libARA: A framework for simulation and testbed based studies on ant routing algorithms in wireless multi-hop networks, 7th International Conference on Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Tools, December 2013
  3. Michael Frey, Friedrich Grosse, Mesut Günes, Energy Aware Ant Routing in Wireless Multi-Hop Networks, IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), June 2014
  4. Michael Frey, Mesut Günes, Attack of the Ants: Studying Ant Routing Algorithms in Simulation and Wireless Testbeds, OMNeT++ Community Summit 2014, September 2014


libARA is licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (GPL) Version 3. For further information on the license please refer to the LICENSE file in the repository or the website.


A framework for the implementation and evaluation of routing algorithms based on the Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) metaheuristic.







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