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classie - class helper functions

Ripped from bonzo ❤️ @ded

No longer supported

Use classie only if you need to support older browsers that do not support classList. classList is supported in IE10+, Android 3+, iOS Safari 5.1+, and modern evergreen browsers. Can I use classList?

classie is longer supported. v1.0.1 is the final version.


classie.has( element, 'my-class' ) // returns true/false
classie.add( element, 'my-new-class' ) // add new class
classie.remove( element, 'my-unwanted-class' ) // remove class
classie.toggle( element, 'my-class' ) // toggle class

Package management

Install with Bower 🐦 bower install classie

Install with npm npm install desandro-classie

Install with Component component install desandro/classie

MIT license

classie is released under the MIT license.