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EditorConfig—TextMate PlugIn

This is a TextMate plug-in that provides support for Editor Config. It will cause TextMate to set its editing features (e.g. tab style and size) according to a .editorconfig file you include alongside your source code.

Download it now at:

Works in both TextMate and TextMate 2 Alpha (as of build 9147).

Feature Support

The following Editor Config features are supported:

  • root
  • indent_style ("tab" or "space")
  • indent_size
  • tab_width

The end_of_line feature is not yet supported. Neither are upcoming features like charset, trim_trailing_whitespace, and insert_final_newline.


You can download a precompiled binary from GitHub's downloads page:

Just un-tar it and double-click the editorconfig-textmate.tmplugin file to install.


Currently, editorconfig-core is included as a precompiled binary, but it really should be included as a submodule, with an appropriate build target in Xcode.

Support for end_of_line is also needed, but I have to figure out exactly how to do it in TextMate first :P

TextMate 2

While this plug-in does support the TextMate 2 Alpha, please keep in mind that alpha software is subject to great change. It could break in future releases of TextMate. If this happens, please file an issue: