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Get the size of elements. Used in Masonry, Isotope, & Flickity.

var size = getSize( elem );
// elem can be an element
var size = getSize( document.querySelector('.selector') )
// elem can be a selector string
var size = getSize('.selector')

Returns an object with:

  • width, height
  • innerWidth, innerHeight
  • outerWidth, outerHeight
  • paddingLeft, paddingTop, paddingRight, paddingBottom
  • marginLeft, marginTop, marginRight, marginBottom
  • borderLeftWidth, borderTopWidth, borderRightWidth, borderBottomWidth
  • isBorderBox

Browser support: Chrome 51+, Firefox 50+, Edge 12+, Safari 10+,


npm: npm install get-size

Yarn: yarn add get-size

MIT License

getSize is released under the MIT License. Have at it.