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== Installation ==
Place files on web server. Navigate to 'index.php'. Follow instructions.

If you're using a supported authentication method other than the base 
user authentication, you'll want to look in the following directory and 
configure your respective file.

Supported Authentication methods:
base user authentication

== Configuration ==
You'll want to go to "Edit Items" after login and add prices to items. 
A price must exist for an item to be enabled.
Op types (defaults to "Standard") may be added, such as Mining, 
Incursion, PI, etc... by adding a row to the 'opType' table.

== Improvements on the original == 
Allowed different ops to be added so this application isn't strictly for mining.
Everyone who joins an op within the first minute has the same start time.
Custom items can be added to the database as you please, including "Tears".
Most tables have been replaced by DIV tags to allow greating styling.
Removed dependency of the Eve static data dump.

== Issues ==

Web server buffer size was not big enough to save configuration changes (nginx):

Email isn't sent from my server, and thus is untested and has code to exclude 
email sending during account creation. If you wish to enable email, add/update 
the 'emailValidation' row (1 = enabled, 0 = disabled) in the 'config' table.

My corporation does not use different percentages for pay based on ship type, 
so this has been temporarily disabled until other bugs may be worked out.
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