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The Visualized Descent Into Madness.
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All Your Pants Build Status

The website behind the robot behind the legend behind the nonsense.

eat this

Gods help us all.


This application is written in Node and uses Redis for persistence. To install these in OS X, install Homebrew first and then run

$ brew install redis
$ brew install node

This will install both of the requirements. The remaining requirements will be installed by the application layer.

Tech Stack and Tech Stack Accessories


That's about it. If something is stupid or confusing, FILE A FUCKING ISSUE so that it can get fixed.

Local development

First, clone the repository, and set the name of the remote to upstream. This will become useful when you fork the repository to contribute changes.

$ git clone
$ cd ayp
$ git remote rename origin upstream

Now use npm, which should have been installed with node, to install the application and all of its dependencies.

$ npm install

If nothing goes wrong, you can then load the local database with some test strips after loading the dev environment.

$ . script/ayp-env
$ script/db-seed
=>  I'm gonna stuff your DB with some content.

Now you're GOOD TO GO. To run the development server

$ npm start

Your pants running at http://localhost:5000/

If you wish to see your changes reloaded on the server, use npm run watch

Setting up your fork for contribution

If you have already created a fork, you can add that remote as origin

$ git remote add origin

So that newly created branches will push to your fork, but switching to master and running git pull will get the latest changes from the upstream repository.

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