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README One Terabyte Of Kilobyte Age Apr 6, 2013


One Terabyte Of Kilobyte Age

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Making sense of the Archiveteam's Geocities Torrent

This project was created on Ubuntu 12.04.

You need a lot of harddrive space to seriously work with Geocities. I 
recommend setting up an LVM spanning two 2TB disks. There is still the need 
to save space with such a setup, so these scripts will wipe temporary files
after they are used.

The only versions kept will be the originals (as in how the data was
distributed) and the finished, workable archive files.

Read the scripts' sources before running them, it might hint you towards
packages you need to install and contain instructions on their usage.

You need some environment variables, you might set them in your shell's startup
script (i.e. .bashrc):

    export GEO_SOURCE=/media/Geocities/source               # distribution files
    export GEO_WORK=/media/Geocities/work                   # tmp directory
    export GEO_ARCHIVE=/media/Geocities/archive             # normalized archives

    export GEO_LOGS=~/Geocities/scripts/log                 # log files and lists
    export GEO_SCRIPTS=~/Geocities/scripts                  # software 
    export GEO_SCREENSHOTS=~/Geocities/archive/screenshots  # screenshots dir

    export GEO_DB_HOST='localhost'                          # database access
    export GEO_DB_DB='Geocities'
    export GEO_DB_USER='despens'
    export GEO_DB_PASSWD='despens'

~~Dragan Espenschied, 2013-04-03

Additional Info:

All material released under the AGPL, see LICENSE.

During 2012, this project was supported by
Swiss National Science Foundation, at the
Bern University of the Arts