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Source code for the website This is a work in progress!





nodejs Dependency manager

webpack Project builder

composer PHP dependency manager

glue Glue is a simple command line tool to generate CSS sprites


nginx, php 7.1+, mysql 5, Redis

Getting Started

Create the configuration file "config/config.local.php" and override what you need.

Create and load the database using


Then download and install glue and composer.

Install the node dependencies

npm install webpack -g
npm ci
composer install -no-dev

You can now build the project.

npm run build


webpack -p

Building while developing

webpack -w



Cron job

The retrieval of 3rd party data (e.g. twitter feed) is run through a php script that is polled at a set interval.

If you are running the website locally, you can call this file manually, or setup a cron. ./cron/index.php

php -f ./cron/index.php
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