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Source code for the website This is a work in progress!





nodejs Dependency manager

grunt Project builder

composer PHP dependency manager

glue Glue is a simple command line tool to generate CSS sprites


nginx, php 5.5+, mysql 5, Redis

Getting Started

Create the configuration file "config/config.local.php" and override what you need.

Create and load the database using


Install the node dependencies

npm install

Install the PHP dependencies

composer install

Build the project

grunt build

The cron job

All api requests and heavy tasks are done on a single cron task (currently running every 60 seconds on the live server) This is controlled by the Scheduler, by running "Tasks".

If you are running the website locally, you can call this file manually, or setup a cron. /cron/index.php

The table "[prefix_]scheduled_tasks" will show when specific tasks have been run.

If you don't run this, you will get empty UI and limited functionality in the site.

Grunt Tasks

Build the project


Glue - create the project sprites

grunt glue