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<!doctype html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
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<meta name="description" content="A demonstration of what can be accomplished visually through just 1 K of CSS.">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1.0">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="styles/default.css">
<link rel="stylesheet alternate" href="styles/bbubles.css" title="Bbubles" data-id="bbubles" data-author-name="akella & Genn" data-author-url="">
<link rel="stylesheet alternate" href="styles/greenlemon.css" title="Green Lemon" data-id="greenlemon" data-author-name="Dirk Radunz" data-author-url="">
<link rel="stylesheet alternate" href="styles/yollaw.css" title="Yollaw" data-id="yollaw" data-author-name="Yan Ivanov" data-author-url="">
<link rel="stylesheet alternate" href="styles/adaptype.css" title="Adaptype" data-id="adaptype" data-author-name="Vasilis van Gemert" data-author-url="">
<link rel="stylesheet alternate" href="styles/stretchy.css" title="Stretchy" data-id="stretchy" data-author-name="Denis Koltsov" data-author-url="">
<link rel="stylesheet alternate" href="styles/android.css" title="Android" data-id="android" data-author-name="Aleksej Romanovskij" data-author-url="">
<link rel="stylesheet alternate" href="styles/smile.css" title="smile" data-id="smile" data-author-name="Michael Scharnagl" data-author-url="">
<link rel="stylesheet alternate" href="styles/geocities.css" title="GeoCities" data-id="geocities" data-author-name="Alexey Savartsov" data-author-url="">
<link rel="stylesheet alternate" href="styles/sourcy.css" title="Sourcy" data-id="sourcy" data-author-name="Roman Komarov" data-author-url="">
<link rel="stylesheet alternate" href="styles/greymatter.css" title="Grey Matter" data-id="greymatter" data-author-name="Vadim Makeev" data-author-url="">
<link rel="stylesheet alternate" href="styles/paper.css" title="paper" data-id="paper" data-author-name="Daniel Rauber" data-author-url="">
<link rel="stylesheet alternate" href="styles/mitchiru.css" title="Mitchiru" data-id="mitchiru" data-author-name="Michael Fritz" data-author-url="">
<link rel="stylesheet alternate" href="styles/fortyeight1k.css" title="fortyeight1k" data-id="fortyeight1k" data-author-name="Michael Haschke" data-author-url="">
<link rel="stylesheet alternate" href="styles/moonlight.css" title="Moonlight" data-id="moonlight" data-author-name="Christian &quot;Schepp&quot; Schaefer" data-author-url="">
<link rel="stylesheet alternate" href="styles/simpl.css" title="Simpl" data-id="simpl" data-author-name="Neofyt" data-author-url="">
<link rel="stylesheet alternate" href="styles/molokai.css" title="Molokai" data-id="molokai" data-author-name="Kien Nguyen" data-author-url="">
<link rel="stylesheet alternate" href="styles/toolbar.css" title="Toolbar" data-id="toolbar" data-author-name="Maxim Chervonny" data-author-url="">
<link rel="stylesheet alternate" href="styles/swiss.css" title="Swiss" data-id="swiss" data-author-name="Chris Lee" data-author-url="">
<link rel="stylesheet alternate" href="styles/twttr.css" title="twttr" data-id="twttr" data-author-name="Eugene Isakov" data-author-url="">
<link rel="stylesheet alternate" href="styles/retro.css" title="Retro" data-id="retro" data-author-name="Bart de Bruin" data-author-url="">
<link rel="stylesheet alternate" href="styles/columns.css" title="Columns" data-id="columns" data-author-name="Alexander Makarov" data-author-url="">
<link rel="stylesheet alternate" href="styles/goodnight_moon.css" title="Goodnight Moon" data-id="goodnight_moon" data-author-name="Dethe Elza" data-author-url="">
<!--[if lt IE 9]><script src="//"></script><![endif]-->
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<h2>Select a design</h2>
<li><a href="./">Default</a>
<a href="">Jacob Rask</a>
<article role="main">
<h2>The Beauty in <abbr>CSS</abbr> Design</h2>
<p>A demonstration of what can be accomplished with only 1 <abbr title="Kibibyte">K</abbr> (<dfn title="1024 bytes">Kibibyte</dfn>) of <abbr>CSS</abbr>. Select any design from the list to load it into this page.</p>
<h2>So What is This About?</h2>
<p>Back in 2003 (that's 8 years ago!) <a href="">Dave Shea</a> launched the <a href=""><cite><abbr>CSS</abbr> Zen Garden</cite></a>. It showcased what was possible with <abbr>CSS</abbr>-based designs, leading to an explosion in the use of CSS on the web. More recently, <a href="">Peter van der Zee</a> created <a href="">JS1k</a>, a competition to build cool applications with no more than 1 <abbr>K</abbr> of JavaScript.</p>
<p>At lot has happened since the Zen Garden days, and today you can do almost anything with only <abbr>CSS</abbr>. As <abbr>CSS</abbr> use is growing, so is the average <abbr>CSS</abbr> file size. Popular sites have in average <a href="">27 <abbr>K</abbr> of <abbr>CSS</abbr></a>, but some use up to a megabyte of style sheets!</p>
<p>Do we need that much? <b>CSS1K</b> invites you to show that web developers are more inventive than ever, and that limitations can sparkle creativity.</p>
<li>Submissions must consist of only <abbr>CSS</abbr>
<li>Submissions may be up to 1 <abbr title="Kibibyte">K</abbr> (1024 bytes) minified
<li>Vendor prefixes are <em>not</em> counted to the total number of bytes &ndash; submit your code unprefixed and we will add necesssary prefixes
<li>Any external resources and images, including <code>data</code> <abbr>URI</abbr>'s, <code>@font-face</code> and <code>@import</code>'s, are forbidden
<li>The page <a href="">does not</a> have to look the same in every browser, but graceful degradation is encouraged
<li>The submitted code is licensed under the <a href="">MIT License</a>
<p>To participate, fork <a href="">CSS1K</a> at GitHub and send your submission as a pull request. You are free to update your style at any time by sending a new pull request. Please specify the name of the style, your own name, and an URL you want us to link to (such as your homepage). If you don't have a GitHub account, you can send in your submission via <a href=" Submission [Design name]">e-mail</a>.</p>
<p>New entries and updates will be announced by <a href="">@CSS1K on Twitter</a>.</p>
Licensed under the <a href="" rel="license">MIT license</a>.
Hosted and managed at <a href="">GitHub</a>.
<script src="js/switcher.js"></script>
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