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Web development co-pilot
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Web developer co-pilot

Dev Co-pilot analyzes your GitHub repo and recommends:

  • best practices to follow
  • suggests useful libraries and services to try
  • examples and content for problems you are solving

It covers a wide range of topics, including documentation, code, project management, community, etc.


Types of documentation

  • Changelog - Changelog (or release notes) helps developers to stay up to date with project changes and helps migrating to new versions.

UX patterns

  • Code block - Code block is the key element of any documentation. Developers often read and use code without looking at explanations around. So make sure code block itself provides enough information to be understood and correctly reused.
  • Playground - Online playground allows to edit and execute code right from the browser. It makes documentation interactive and builds an engaging onboarding experience. While it won't work for many projects, be sure to explore your options - you may be surprised!




  • npm package - npm package is a primary tool for distributing JavaScript code.
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