CIS Docker Benchmark - InSpec Profile
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CIS Docker Benchmark - InSpec Profile

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This InSpec compliance profile implement the CIS Docker 1.11.0 Benchmark in an automated way to provide security best-practice tests around Docker daemon and containers in a production environment.

InSpec is an open-source run-time framework and rule language used to specify compliance, security, and policy requirements for testing any node in your infrastructure.



  • Debian 8
  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • CentOS 7


We use a yml attribute file to steer the configuration, the following options are available:

  • trusted_user: vagrant define trusted user to control Docker daemon. cis-docker-benchmark-1.6

  • authorization_plugin: authz-broker define authorization plugin to manage access to Docker daemon. cis-docker-benchmark-2.11

  • log_driver: syslog define preferable way to store logs. cis-docker-benchmark-2.12

  • log_opts: /syslog-address/ define Docker daemon log-opts. cis-docker-benchmark-2.12

  • registry_cert_path: /etc/docker/certs.d directory contains various Docker registry directories. cis-docker-benchmark-3.7

  • registry_name: /etc/docker/certs.d/registry_hostname:port directory contain certificate certain Docker registry. cis-docker-benchmark-3.7

  • registry_ca_file: /etc/docker/certs.d/registry_hostname:port/ca.crt certificate file for a certain Docker registry certificate files. cis-docker-benchmark-3.7 and cis-docker-benchmark-3.8

  • container_user: vagrant define user within containers. cis-docker-benchmark-4.1

  • app_armor_profile: docker-default define apparmor profile for Docker containers. cis-docker-benchmark-5.1

  • selinux_profile: /label\:level\:s0-s0\:c1023/ define SELinux profile for Docker containers. cis-docker-benchmark-5.2

  • container_capadd: null define needed capabilities for containers. example: container_capadd: NET_ADMIN,SYS_ADMIN cis-docker-benchmark-5.3

  • managable_container_number: 25 keep number of containers on a host to a manageable total. cis-docker-benchmark-6.5


InSpec makes it easy to run your tests wherever you need. More options listed here:

# run profile locally
$ git clone
$ inspec exec cis-docker-benchmark

# run profile locally and directly from Github
$ inspec exec

# run profile on remote host via SSH
inspec exec cis-docker-benchmark -t ssh://user@hostname -i /path/to/key

# run profile on remote host via SSH with sudo
inspec exec cis-docker-benchmark -t ssh://user@hostname -i /path/to/key --sudo

# run profile on remote host via SSH with sudo and define attribute value
inspec exec cis-docker-benchmark --attrs sample_attributes.yml

# run profile direct from inspec supermarket
inspec supermarket exec dev-sec/cis-docker-benchmark -t ssh://user@hostname --key-files private_key --sudo

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